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Ageia’s PhysX Accelerator Tested


There have been numerous articles written about Ageia’s PhysX Accelerator, from months before it came out through it’s release. See a couple of our older articles here and here. So there is plenty of information out there about what it should do. And if it works as advertised, it would make games a lot more interesting.

ExtremeTech took the next logical step and threw it in the highest end machine they had and tried it out. The one game that is shipping now that supports the card is Ghost Recon:Advanced Warfighter. They did most of their testing with that game, and tried some others that did not support the card as well. Their conclusion seems somewhat predictable. In all the games that did not support the card, there was no change. Even in Ghost Recon, they were not impressed with the results.

Bottom line was that when more games are out in the future and the capabilities are more fully utilized, it could be a requirement for the serious gamer. Maybe just 6-12 months from now that may be true. However, at this point, it is basically just a waste of $300.

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