An NES Zapper Chandelier Is Definitely Nerdy Home Decor

NES zapper 3

What happened when the guys at found themselves with an overabundance of NES Zapper Light Guns and free time?

This NES Zapper Light Chandelier.

According to their website it took, “about 20 feet of electrical wire, 12 candalabra sockets and light bulbs, and a few other miscellaneous parts to hold it all together. It cost about $200 and took about 15 hours to build.”

Side note. It’s hanging in their warehouse office because, believe it or not, the owners wife nixed the idea of it going over the dining room table.

Go figure.

You can view a couple more pictures after the break.

NES zapper

NES zapper 2

(via Geekologie)


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