Battlestar Galactica Notebooks and Playing Cards

If you’ve always been envious of all the cut corners in the props of Battlestar Galactica, these items are for you. You can pretend you’re aboard the Galactica and make official ship log notes in the lined journals. Maybe you can help the Cylons out with the plan they seem to have forgotten about.

After you’ve jotted it down in the fancy notebook with the BSG logo, you can head to the rec room for a relaxing game of Triad. The poker-like game comes with rules, cut corners, and 54 playable cards. You might feel compelled to pull a Starbuck and punch a superior after you’ve won a round or two (and drank a round or several).

Check out the playing cards in the photo after the break.

Product Pages – Notebooks ($24.99) and Playing Cards ($14.99)


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