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Black and White 2 Review

Are you ready to be a GOD!! Black and White 2, the newest Lionhead installment in the Black and White series, has hit the shelves.

The game involves choosing between playing as a peace loving benevolent God or a warmongering evil God that inspires fear among the masses. Be good or bad, the choice is yours. Through the trials and tribulations of turning a small city into a metropolis (the good route) you will have many villagers that you can assign to certain roles, such as mining, farming, reproduction, and many others. The other end, if you choose to be evil, is to rape and pillage neighboring towns, annex territory and expanding your empire and population.

Along with the help of your villagers you will be supplied with a Monster of your choosing that you can train to help with day to day tasks. Training the monster is as simple as smacking him if you don’t like what he is doing, or petting him if you approve. The Monster becomes vital to the success of your city and helps to protect it very effectively. It can also be used to help troops attack other villages.

The game’s graphics are truly jaw dropping. The graphics are only surpassed by the ease of play, which can all be done with the mouse. If you want to build a house just pick one up and drop it where you want the next one. Roads are a matter of grabbing the road and dragging it to where you want it to go.

While the game receives a Nerd Approved recommendation, there is one big issue that gamers will have to contend with – and that is the patching system. The newest patch out will erase any saved games you had, making you have to start over from the beginning. If this weren’t bad enough, you have to re-endure the tedious tutorial missions. Unfortunately, I was forced to install the patch because of some bug issues – and I haven’t returned to it beacause of the loss of my saved game.

If you plan on purchasing Black and White 2 – I would recommend downloading any new patches and pray that with the next patch release this situation is resolved.

Pros: Graphics, Ease of Play, Watching villagers doing everyday tasks, Monster Training, the choice of being benevolent or evil or a little of both.

Cons: The Patching is horrible , NO ONLINE PLAY, NO COOP PLAY – which should be an industry standard feature by now.

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