Bungie Just Did Something Very Cool For A Special Destiny Fan

fate of all fools main
Here’s one of those stories that will get you right in the feels in a good way.

Brittany Levasseur recently posted the story of her husband Eric’s ongoing recovery from seven brain surgeries in the last 11 months over on the Destiny Reddit.

In the post, she talks about the memory loss her husband has had to deal with and how her doctor, after hearing about how much Eric enjoys video games, recommended he play Destiny as a kind therapy for his brain and memory damage.

It seems to have done the trick. Brittany says that she’s noted significant improvement in her husband’s mood and overall health.

“It’s been a joy to watch him,” she wrote. “It’s been a little over a week, and the game’s effect on him has been so strong. Weak for months, he is flourishing in more than just the game world. He has been going out more, doing chores, making jokes. The effect of playing the game on his mood has been almost staggering.”

But that’s not all!

The response to Brittany’s post was extremely positive and she was contacted by someone from Bungie, who sent Eric a little in game present: a scout rifle called Fate Of All Fools.

The rifle isn’t currently available to regular players, which means Eric is the only non-Bungie employee on the planet to have it.

That’s my kind of loot.

Head after the break to see more pictures, including one of Fate Of All Fools in action.

fate of all fools

fate of all fools in action

I love the quote by his wife sent via email to Kotaku:

“He adores the gun,” Levasseur told me in an e-mail. “It’s his first exotic, and he has been actively enjoying it all day. It seems like my entire night has been on repeat— it’s been nothing but ‘BANG! God I love this gun. BANG! This is awesome. BANG! Did you see that shot!?'”


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