Buy a Beautiful Modern Arcade Cabinet For Your Living Room

If you’ve always wanted a classic arcade game cabinet in your living room, then here’s your chance—only this one has a stunning modern design. This one of a kind cabinet includes a 20″ screen, working coin mechanism, and classic controls. The graphics are all painted on and lacquered to keep them looking new.

The arcade cabinet is wired to the Jamma standard, so you can plug in a typical arcade game board, as long as it uses a screen in the vertical position. You could also put a PC inside and run MAME quite easily. If somebody purchases the arcade cabinet they can have a complimentary 60-in-1 classics game board to use in it if they wish to.

This means you can play games like Pac-Man, Frogger Donkey Kong and even Galaga just like you used to in the arcade.

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Product Page (Pricing Upon Request NOTCOT via albotas)


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