“Call of Duty” Player Loses, Calls SWAT On Guy Who Beat Him


It’s not unusual for someone to lose a game and have choice words for the guy who won. It’s a bit of bad sportsmanship, but nothing compared to what one guy did when he lost in Call of Duty. The New York Post reported that he tracked the IP address of the guy who beat him, 17-year old Rafael Castillo, and used Skype to impersonate him and place a prank call to police. He told the police that he’d just killed his Mom and was about to kill more people, which the police took very seriously.

They sent 60 guys to Castillo’s house in Long Beach, California along with choppers, fire trucks, and a special operations unit. They discovered that the mother was alive, but it took 20 minutes to get Castillo to come out because he was so involved in his game he didn’t notice the furor outside his window. Luckily, no one was hurt, although lots of resources and time were wasted over nothing more than a sore loser.

As you probably know, this prank is called “swatting” which is an old trend of disgruntled gamers using the police and phony stories to exact revenge.

See a picture from of the chaos after the break…


(New York Post via Kotaku)


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