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Chun-Li Kicks Ass In This Electronic Street Fighter Diorama

street fighter diorama

Last year, BigBoysToys HK announced a new range of dioramas of characters from the Street Fighter series, kicking things off with a diorama of a Hadouken-ing Ryu. Now they’ve revealed this brand-new addition to the series featuring an almost Pocket Fighters style kick-happy Chun-Li standing upon a base designed after her stage in Street Fighter II: The World Warriors.

What makes this a diorama and not just a boring ol’ statuette or figurine? I’m glad you asked, Internet person! This diorama lights up in response to pressing a button on the side, adding Chun-Li’s iconic “Ya-Ya-Ya!” sound to simulate her Hyakuretsukyaku move. All you have to do is mash the button over and over, just like you would in the game itself.

BigBoysToys have also posted a video of the diorama in action, which you can check out (along with some sweet product photos) below.




The diorama is due to release in February 2016 and can be preordered from Play-Asia for $89.99.


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