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Competitive Gaming in the Olympics?

Believe it or not, Ted Owen, the head of the Global Gaming League (GGL), is talking with the Chinese government about the possibility of bringing competitive gaming to the Bejing Olympics in 2008 as a demonstration “sport”.

“People aren’t watching [the Olympics] as much anymore,” he argued. “You need to bring younger viewers back if you want to keep making money. To do that, you need to embrace non-traditional sports. They did it with snowboarding – and look how the popularity of that has surged in the Games. Video games deserve to be seen as a non-traditional sport. … They would bring something to the Games that [that age group] engages in and everyone understands.”

While I feel that competitive gaming is on the verge of big things, (see Nerd Approved article) I can’t say that I’m ready for a guy who looks like this winning a gold medal:

Geeks in the Olympics?



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