Cool Super Mario Art Is Packed With Gaming References

super mario nerdy image 2

In 2006, a tradition was born at the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums: Isometric Collaboration. One member created an isometric grid and other members could reserve up to three squares, and the each square would come together to make a single, giant pixel art image. Over the years, the collaborations have been given different themes such as Yoshi’s Island or Super Mario World. The tiles in the piece had to match the palette of the particular theme.

So in summary, various artists worked on different areas of a master image over the course of several years in some cases. They are packed with references to characters in the Mario universe as well as a ton of other games, and they are amazing. Street Fighter, Portal, and Metroid are just a few that appear in the top image. What else do you see?

See more collaborations after the break.

super mario nerdy image 3

super mario nerdy image 4

super mario nerdy image 5

super mario nerdy image 6

super mario nerdy image 7

(MFGG via Kotaku)


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