Man Spends 8 Months Making Crazy Impressive Fallout Monopoly Game For His Wife

fallout monoply 1

Few things are more impressive than getting a handcrafted gift for your birthday, and Redditor XsimonbelmontX went all out. He spent eight months making his wife a Fallout Monopoly game for her birthday. The board, the cards, tokens, and game pieces – it’s all custom. He says the basics are the same, but the mechanics of the game beyond buying properties and collecting rent is different. It would be awesome even if it were only for looking at instead of playing.

Check out more images of this awesome game after the break.

fallout monoply 7

fallout monoply 6

fallout monoply 5

fallout monoply 4

fallout monoply 3

fallout monoply 2

(via Reddit)


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