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Critical Hit Galaxy D20s Flash When You Roll A Natural 20


ThinkGeek has unveiled a new version of their Critical Hit LED Dice Set / D20 with a “Galaxy” version that flashes blue when you role a natural 20. Plus…glitter.

It’s a convention exclusive, so the Critical Hit Galaxy D20s will only be on sale for a limited time. Features include:

-Pair of glittery twenty-sided dice flash blue when you roll a 20
-2016 ThinkGeek Con exclusive – ONLY for sale while TG is at a convention – either in person there or here
-Not cheater dice! Weighted evenly so you have to earn those 20s
-Transparent with glitter embedded in the plastic
-Players: It is up to your GM whether you can use them in your game
-GMs: They’re really cool – let them use them – pleeease?
-Materials: Plastic filled with silicone
-Batteries: Each contains 1 x CR2032 cell battery (not replaceable, but lasts for years)
-Dimensions: approx. 1.35″ across

Critical Hit Galaxy D20s ($19.99)


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