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The ‘Dark Souls’ Board Game Kickstarter Was Funded In Three Minutes


You wouldn’t think a successful video game franchise like Dark Souls would need to turn to Kickstarter for a tabletop board game adaptation, and yet that’s exactly what Steamforged Games did

Not surprisingly, the officially licensed game managed to surpass the $70K goal in a whopping three minutes. At this point, the project has secured well over $1 million.

Even more ridiculous is that there’s no namby-pamby “$5 gets you a Special Thanks credit on a Special Thanks leaflet!” tier—you either buy the game or you do not do that thing. The remaining £80 ($113 USD) tier nets you any and all expansions, while a third £200 tier ($283 USD) is for retailers only and scores you six copies of the game to sell in your store.

But hey, enough about that. Let’s talk about the game!

souls pledge


Dark Souls: The Board Game a modular game that can be played either solo or cooperatively, featuring a number of core classes from the Dark Souls games. Bonfires appear here, but as well as healing and leveling up your character they also reset the monsters in-game, meaning anything you’ve already killed will have to be taken down again. Alternatively, you can skip the bonfire and soldier on, but if you die you lose all your gear and respawn at the last bonfire you checked into.

Sounds like a game with some teeth.

There’s still plenty of time left on the Kickstarter, so go and back it to get your own copy if this looks to be your thing.

(via Kotaku)


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