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Details on Revolution’s Horsepower Revealed

Nintendo RevolutionGaming website recently spoke with a variety of developers (who currently possess Revolution development hardware) in search of details regarding the system’s power – or lack therof.

IGN noted that the studios involved “have asked to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, but we can verify that the specifications forwarded to us are current and come by way of either official Nintendo documentation or benchmark tests with working Revolution kits.”

After examining details including processor speed and RAM, the verdict is that the Revolution is about as powerful as the original XBox – which puts it way behind the 360 and PS3. This information lends credibility to earlier reports that the Revolution is “merely a souped up XBox.”

As noted countless times, Nintendo has been very open with it’s strategy regarding the Revolution. The company has always said that the system is about a unique gameplay experience (controller) – and that they are not interested in engaging in a hardware war with Microsoft and Sony.

Nintendo’s goal, it seems, is to make the Revolution just powerful enought to handle modern game engines like Unreal 3.

Still, an affordable price on both the system and it’s games combined with the immersive gameplay that the controller promises could make the Revolution an attractive console – even for those who also own a 360 or a PS3.


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