Disney Appoints Group To Decide What Belongs In Official Star Wars Canon

star wars

Disney has decided it’s time to look at the Star Wars franchise and the Expanded Universe and start defining what is and isn’t part of the official Star Wars canon.

Up until now, the movies were a separate entity unto themselves in the hierarchy — with the Expanded Universe that’s been created through books, video games, comic books and more being separate and open to interpretation.

But, now they’ll look at all of the created materials for inclusion going forward.

Disney has created a special committee called The Story Group to help determine what is and isn’t part of Star Wars canon. One of the people in The Story Group is Leland Chee, who manages the in house database of all things Star Wars at Lucasfilm and is known as the “Keeper of the Holocron”.

His response to a question on heirarchy vs. overall canon is after the break…

And, for those of you wondering about the new Star Wars comics from Marvel:

I think this may be a really good thing. People have always considered the EU as something separate than the movies, but it also means that Lucasfilm wasn’t likely to do anything with it because it wasn’t part of the Holocron. If this means we get to add more of the EU into official canon and see those stories brought to life for the big screen, it seems to me to be a plus.

What do you think?

(The Hollywood Reporter via io9)


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