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Doctor Who Save The Universe Board Game

We brought you Doctor Who chess last month and now we have two board games: Save The Universe for adults and Time Wars for kids.

Save The Universe:

Spin the arrow and race around the TARDIS console, collecting enemy disks that feature your favorite Raxacoricofallapatorians, the Slitheen, hindbrain wielding Ood, Jundoon, and even old Davros himself. Share a square with another player and you can battle it out to take one of their enemy disks. Will your Weeping Angel beat their Cyberman? Just be careful – landing on the time vortex may have interesting consequences, in the Hoban Washburne definition of interesting.

Time Wars:

The Doctor has always made it look so easy. Flip some dials, pull some switches, a squeeze here, and pump there, and you’re off for an adventure in time. If only navigating the time vortex were this easy and fun in real life! Well, now it can be… In this fabulous game, every player is given a unique mission involving at least two of The Doctor’s enemies and a final destination. Travel up and down the game board to collect your enemies and arrive at your goal. Sounds simple, eh?

Oh, didn’t we mention the random flipping of an overlay that blocks your path, challenging you to navigate through the maze of time and space? We hope you paid attention to the first season of the eleventh Doctor, because along the way you will be challenged with trivia about Amy, Rory, the Doctor and everyone they encountered along the way. So if you can’t tell the difference between a Krafayis and a Saturnyne, you may want to brush up before accepting this challenge. As an out, the Klempari Defense will work, at least until your friends realize you aren’t the last of your species…

Product Page: Save The Universe ($35) Time Wars ($25)


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