DOTA Heroes Drawn In The Style Of Disney Characters

dota disney 1

I’ve never played Defense of the Ancients (Dota), but I’ve seen plenty of artwork and costumes inspired by the game. The character designs are the kind that make an impression, but as much as I like them, I prefer artist Igor Artyomenko’s Disney-esque illustrations of the game’s heroes.

He’s drawn a Windrunner, Lina, a Crystal Maiden, and a Drow Ranger as though they were characters in a Disney animated film. Specifically, they’re based on the facial models used in modern Disney movies like Frozen and Tangled. I really want the Windrunner’s entire outfit as seen in the above picture.

Check out more of the series after the break.

dota disney 2

dota disney 3

dota disney 4

(via Kotaku)


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