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These Dungeon Accessories Bring Your Tabletop Games To Life

If you’ve ever thought about getting into sets to take your RPGs to the next level, I highly suggest that you check out this and this to learn a little bit about making foam set pieces. You should also get in on these dungeons accessories right this minute.

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So what is Dungeon Lair all about? Well, let’s talk about your game night. You and your friends are getting together to play your favorite table top fantasy RPG. Now, let’s throw pizza in there. Who doesn’t love pizza, especially on game night? A good table top game is like a good pizza. Great dough, great story. Good sauce, good players. Plenty of cheese, plenty of fun. Then there’s the toppings. At Dungeon Lair, we want to be the toppings for your RPG pizza, I mean game. Okay, let’s get off this analogy.

Your game night is hopefully already going to be epic, but how much better would it be if you and your players had great set pieces to interact with? Our pieces are intended to make that glorious quest you are setting out on even better by giving your imagination something to work with. Even if all you have for a game board is graph paper.

Our quality, hand painted, unique miniature accessories will make your game and your collection something all your friends will talk about.

The Kickstarter project has blown away its goal, but there’s still a week left to go if you want to pledge. Even DM extraordinaire (and Cthulhu fountain owner) Matthew Mercer is all over it:

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