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EA Talks Innovation: Don’t Make Me Laugh!

EA GamesAlain Tascan, EA Montreal’s general manager has revealed that EA is making a shift from focusing on established franchises to developing new IP.

EA has realized that what we need now to stay number one and keep that edge is really to focus on creating new IP.” He added: “I mean, we just did Superman Returns and all the sports, but we feel that we are now ready to take big bets on new IP“.

“We think this is something that people are going to react well to, because EA is not known for this. I mean, if you look at the comments of people on some of the things I’ve said and they say ‘how can you dare talk about innovation?’ And that’s what we want to prove that as a company we can do it.”

Yes, how can you talk about innovation EA? Let’s face it, you don’t know the first thing about it. The thing that kills me about EA is that they are the biggest money grubbing whores on the face of the planet. I remember watching id Software’s John Carmack talk about how his company has relied heavily on sequels because they lack the financial resources to take the hit of a failed game. On the other end of the spectrum, EA has tons of money, yet they put very little into R&D.

I’ll admit that large companies like EA benefit the game community in the sense that they can crank out products for impatient gamers, but turning over new games every year often comes at the expense of quality. I’ll give EA the benefit of the doubt and see what they come up with – but my expectations are definitely low.



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