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EA the next Sony

The Rented Mule
While sony is being rode like a rented mule over this DRM issue, it appears they are not the only company to be playing this game. EA a notable game corporation, also installs DRM on some of there game discs to prevent you from playing with emulation software.

“EA’s actions seem designed to make it harder for users to copy the company’s games, but there are plenty of legitimate uses for emulation software, such as allowing a game or other product to run more quickly in an emulated CD drive than it might in your hardware drive, or simply to reduce wear-and-tear on the CD drive. It seems that EA, like Sony, has decided to assume its customers are pirates, and has provided an inept and troublesome way to express that assumption.”

While I am a fan of EA I do agree being treated like a criminal, when I am spending upwards of 40-50 dollars does not leave a good taste in my mouth.

Source: Engadget

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