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Girlfriend Goes All Out With A Custom ‘Fallout 4’ Ammo Box Gift Set


Imgur user waffleguru created this custom ammo box as a gift to her boyfriend for Christmas this year. It turns out that he’s is a big Fallout fan, and the box is actually a custom, creative and and extremely thoughtful Fallout-style care package!

Like the special ammo boxes in the Fallout games, waffleguru locked the box up and presented her boyfriend with a bobby pin to open it (a nod to the “lock-picking” mini-game). After he failed to pick the lock, she presented a key that revealed a whole mess of Fallout-style goodies. There was a custom Vault Dwellers survival guide, a handmade stimpak packed with red candies, a box of caps, a jar of Rad-X (filled with gummy bears), a couple of Grognak the Barbarian comics and some faux-shotgun shells filled with Nerds candy.

She laments accidentally getting a red, cherry soda to represent Nuka Quantum, but the good news is that Target can remedy that issue.

See inside the ammo box in the gallery below.

Fallout 4 Ammo Box Gift Set


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