Nothing In The ‘Fallout 4’ Wasteland Can Handle One-Punch Man [Video]

one punch man fallout

If you’re like me, you probably ditch melee and opt for lasers and explosives whenever you play Fallout 4. However, One-Punch Man has got me thinking that I might be doing it wrong.

As an homage to the “One-Punch Man” anime, YouTuber The Ghost made a Fallout version of the character complete with his dreaded and deadly punch.

It doesn’t matter if One-Punch Man takes on a Deathclaw or a Super Mutant, he can handle ’em all in… well, one punch. The Ghost’s video makes for a lot of fun, and I sure do hope that Mr. One-Punch finds a worthy Fallout adversary one day.

(via Kotaku / GIF: Nerd Approved)


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