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Fifth Avenue Frogger Takes Classic Arcade Game Real-Time [Video]

I played hours of the original Frogger in arcades and on my neighbor’s Atari and turned countless frogs into roadkill. Ever wonder what might happen if that poor, hapless frog was plopped down in New York City? No doubt taking a little inspiration from George Costanza, Tyler DeAngelo decided to find out with his updated, real-time version of the game called Fifth Avenue Frogger. He got his hands on a classic Frogger cabinet, installed a web cam over Fifth Avenue, and then wrote the code to transfer the traffic data directly into the game. They’re hoping their creation will get them into the Art of the Video Game Exhibit at the Smithsonian if enough people ask them to add the game show their support.

See the little frog in action after the jump…

(via Joystiq)


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