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Everything’s Shiny With This ‘Firefly’ Dice Game

shiny dice2

Yesterday, we had the Firefly Fluxx game and today we have this Firefly Shiny Dice Game. It’s a Browncoat bounty!

This dice game is made by Upper Deck and it sure looks like something any Firefly fan would love.

As far as the rules? To quote Kaylee, “Everything’s shiny, Captain. Not to fret”:

The Firefly Shiny Dice Game is a “Press Your Luck” style dice game based on the Firefly universe. Fast, fun gameplay. Play as the crew of the Serenity as you complete mission objectives. Do you press your luck for great rewards or risk losing it all to the Alliance? Play a full game in under 30 minutes! Here’s how it’s played. Firefly Shiny Dice Game is played over a course of 3 rounds. In each round, each player will take a turn. Depending on the outcome of that turn, a player may take additional turns, in a row, pressing their luck, over the course of one round.

Check out more pics below.







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Images via Board Game Geek.


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