Gamer Sells Giant Collection For Love

Gameboy Collection

Onur Gonullu has 550 video games and 20 consoles, and he’s selling all of it. Reading about anyone getting rid of a large collection like this makes my insides hurt. However, Gonullu thinks it’s time to let go.

The 27-year-old is getting married in April, and he says he is growing up and that family is more important. He said his fiancee finds his collection “interesting” and is in no way pressuring him to sell it. So, I doubt she’d destroy the games like this crazy lady.

Gonullu has a custom Nintendo, a rare Nintendo Family Computer model, a Wii, Xbox, multiple Playstations, and a whole stack of games to go with them. He estimates he’s spent more than $6,000 on the games over the years. He’s asking for $4,200 for the collection and plans to use proceeds to help furnish his new home.

If you’re near Melbourne, Australia and interested, check out the ad.

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(SMH via Kotaku)


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