Geek Chic Debuts New Locus Gaming Table [PAX]

If you’re a serious tabletop gamer, then visions of Geek Chic tables have probably been dancing in your head for several years now. These things are works of art that are absolutely the most beautiful gaming tables you will ever see. They even have beautiful names like Emissary, Envoy and Sultan. Yeah, they’re that cool.

Your purchasing experience starts off just like buying any old table. You pick walnut, maple or cherry wood and things like stain colors and hardware. But then you get to the gamer stuff where you pick things like player stations with flip-down desks, secret drawers, cup holders and dice towers. I know, right?

Now, Geek Chic has upped the ante with their new and improved Locus table which includes a multi-touch gaming surface on a high end screen that pops up out of the table and slides back down flat with just the press of a button.

Previously, the Locus table has only been available with the television/gaming surface flat. The edition of a heavy duty piston that smoothly moves from lying flat inside of the wood frame to an upright position greatly improves viewing and gaming possibilities. It operates through a remote control or through two simple buttons built right into the side of the table. Worried it’ll snap the first time your grabby toddler decides to hang on it? Don’t be. It’s rated to 300 pounds!

Software is provided by Mesa Mundi who has designed NUIT (Natural User Interface Technology) which allows multiple users at once. Instead of only two people playing air hockey (or as I like to think of it, infinitely-cooler-touchscreen hockey) you can have a whole bunch of friends over to play poker. The software recognizes multiple players around the table and only reveals a player’s cards when he cups his hand around them on the screen so no one else can see. If your friends can tell you’ve got a good hand, it’s definitely your poker face and not the table’s fault.

Much like with the table design itself, the software is also customizable. There will be a standard package that was still being finalized when I talked with the folks at Mesa Mundi, and then additional games and features like object tracking available as add-ons. Even though the final details are still being worked out, you can order yourself one of these amazing gaming tables right now.

The base model retails for $5500 and requires an $1800 deposit to hold your space in the production queue. Since each table is custom made, wait times are running about 5-8 months. I know, I know, you want it now. So do I. But when I tried to drag this one off the showroom floor at PAX the Enforcers started chasing me so it’s wait, or, um, get arrested.

UPDATE: To clarify, Mesa Mundi manufactures the touch-screen hardware that is used in the Geek Chic table. They provide this hardware to Geek Chic, along with software from a third-party that was yet to be determined when I spoke with them at PAX. You can also purchase touch-screen technology directly from Mesa Mundi, independent of the Geek Chic table.

Product Page ($5500)


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