Hadouken! Awesomely Annoying Street Fighter Dioramas Are On Their Way


Get your wallets ready! BigBoyToys HK is releasing a series of 8 amazing Street Fighter dioramas. The first of the series will be Ryu unleashing a Hadouken in his Street Fighter II: The World Warriors stage. The level of detail goes much further than the construction of the figure though. There’s a sound effect so you can hear Ryu actually saying “Hadouken” while it lights up!

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Check out all the details and watch the video after the break.

The detailed diorama is about 7″ by 9″ and comes complete with Ryu already mounted to the background, holding his iconic Hadouken. And according to the video, the figure includes a moveable sign that says…something. 


These are limited edition figures, and you can pre-order Ryu for $89.99 on Play Asia. Orders are expected to ship sometime in March.

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