This Portable N64 Console Is A Masterpiece [Video]

n64 controller 1

Handmade portable game consoles are neat, and Bungle’s N64 mod is just awesome. It includes a custom controller-shaped case with hand grips, a 3.5 inch screen, custom buttons, a GameCube analog joystick, HMDX amp and speakers, and four hours of battery life. The guy’s got skills.

See more pics and a video of the console in action after the break.

n64 controller 2

n64 controller 3

n64 controller 4

n64 controller 5

Bungle laid out some of the how-to information on a thread at Bacman, but if you’re not up for hacking your own, Bungle is planning to make at least a few of the consoles to sell. Just head on over to his website, set up an account, and make him an offer via private message.

(Reddit via Kotaku)


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