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High Def DVD and Gaming Consoles

Interesting look at the high-definition DVD format wars and how gaming consoles fit into it. The bottom line question is this: Will the dominant gaming console determine which DVD format wins? Or will what turns out to be the dominant DVD standard be the determining factor in which console ends up being the winner in the gaming console race? Expect a lot of jockeying for position at E3 next week.

There are a number of different posibilities and story lines here. First, the delay of the PS3 was a bonus for the HD DVD standard, as is Sony’s lack of providing a price for it to this point. For their part, Microsoft has not announced pricing or a release date for their external HD DVD player. If Sony can come out with an aggressive price as many expect, in the $499 range, then consumers may wait for it’s (late) launch this November since that is about the same price as the cheapest HD DVD player up to now. It is believed that the launch delay is primarily about Blu Ray.

The analyst quoted in the article believes that the winner of the DVD standard will lead to the console that uses that technology to be the winner as well. For his part, he thinks that Blu Ray and the PS3 are going to be the winners. This question will be debated for most of this year, both for the gaming consoles and DVD standard.


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