Ice-T Recorded A Dungeons And Dragons Audiobook By Mistake


Ice-T is best known as a rapper and actor, and now he’ll also be known as the guy who recorded a Dungeons and Dragons audiobook and had no idea what the heck he was reading. Apparently, he had an audiobook reading on his schedule but nobody bothered to tell him what the book actually was.

“They didn’t tell me this was a motherf*ckin’ Dungeons & Dragons book”

Here are a few of his thoughts on the experience as recounted on his podcast.

“Son, it took me 3.5 hours to read 25 pages.”

“Motherf*ckers talk like Yoda.”

“This sh*t is impossible to me.”

“Pegasus….Pegasi. That’s horses with wings. This sh*t is crazy.”

“This motherf*cker got a sword that talks to him. And sh*t.”

“Motherf*ckers live in places that don’t exist.”

Clearly, NSFW, but it will definitely deliver laughs if you have the time to give it a listen.

(Paste via Kotaku)


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