In A World First, WoW Player Completes All 2057 Game Achievements

all the wow achievements

As someone who plays World Of Warcraft, I’m sitting here is a sort of stunned silence looking at this achievement and thinking “Wow” because I know just the level of insanity this took to complete.

You’re viewing the stats for the first person to unlock all of the 2057 achievements currently available in World of Warcraft (amazingly, there are several runners up who are very, very close as well). He goes my the name of Xnpyko.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when Warlords Of Draenor comes out. I’m thinking Xnpyko’s gonna have a few people nipping at his heels.

Check out the current rankings after the break.

wow cheesements

(via Kotaku)


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