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Incredible Super Mario World Glitch Caught On Video, First Time Performed On SNES

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What if you found a way to play a video game, like Super Mario World, in a particular manner that allows you to jump your character all the way to the end–and you don’t even have to battle the final boss? Sounds impossible without an emulator, but YouTuber Minecraft SethBling appears to have figured it out. He was able to record himself pulling the move while playing SMW on an old school Super Nintendo console.

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The gist here is that SethBling was able to pull a certain set of moves that basically rewrite the game’s code while he’s playing in real time. In other words, SethBling knew exactly what he needed to do in order to find this glitch and take advantage of it–all while playing at a blistering speed.

You can watch SethBling in action after the break…

I’m a little baffled… but also rather impressed. Even more so when I took a look at the explanation of the glitch. SethBling also achieved an even faster time of 4:49.8 using the trick.

(via Kotaku)


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