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Is the Nintendo Revolution Merely a “Souped Up XBox”?

Nintendo Revolution

IGN is reporting that a “major third party source” has described Nintendo’s Revolution console as “a souped up XBox.” He then went on to say “it’s the controller that makes the difference – and the controller is really nice.”

This comes only days after the news that IBM has finished work on the Revolution processor, codenamed “Broadway”.

If all this is true, it would come as no surprise. Nintendo is known for focusing on the gaming experience – and it appears that the new controller will continue in this tradition.

Nintendo has made it clear that horespower is not a priority with the new console. Instead, they have chosen to make a system that is “small, quiet, and affordable.” While Sony and XBox engage in a pissing contest over hardware, Nintendo can quietly gain market share by producing new and interesting games on a console that costs less.

The bottom line is that you can never write Nintendo off. They have the most creative minds in the business.

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