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Is the “Wii” Simply a Marketing Stunt?

Nintendo Wii

Did Nintendo come up with a phony name for the Nintendo Revolution right before E3 to generate a buzz? Indeed, the name has spread through the media like wildfire – and many have postulated that the name is so bad (see Engadget and Joystiq) that it simply cannot be true.

Aaron McKenna of TG Daily writes:

“On the other hand, this is the point of the discussion where I start to ponder, suppose Nintendo is smarter than all of us. It’s just over a week to E3, where Sony fans will be all giddy and running around like they have a Blu-ray chasing their tails. Amid all this, Nintendo announces a name change which is not only interesting, but controversial. You can’t not notice it. Essentially, Nintendo steals more than a wee bit of Sony’s thunder. Then, post-E3, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo steals it back again, saying either, “It was all a big laugh…” or, in a more straight-faced manner, “We’ve listened to customer feedback…” and change the name back to Revolution.”

Obviously Nintendo unveiled the name as a pre-E3 publicity stunt, but I seriously doubt that it goes any deeper than that. It seems that Nintendo simply wasn’t thinking globally enough when it approved the new name.

Still, if the Wii lives up to the hype they could call it the “Tamponicom”, give it wings and paint it pink for all I care.

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