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Jack Thompson Strikes Again

Take Two Interactive

Jack Thompson, Florida lawyer, anti-gaming activist, and media whore is once again attempting to make a name for himself by buying stock in Take Two Interactive.

For those of you who don’t know, Take Two Interactive is the publisher behind popular mature games like Rockstar’s “The Warriors” and “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.”

As a shareholder, Thompson is entitled to participate in meetings. “The fact that he’s requested a “hand-held, cordless microphone” at these meetings should clue you in to what he’d like to do there.”

In a letter that announced the stock purchase, Thompson took the opportunity to jab at Take Two’s CEO Paul Eibeler and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates:

“As you know, MediaWatch declared you [Eibler]”America’s Worst CEO in 2005.” A public relations firm in San Francisco this month called your mishandling of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ Hot Coffee sex mod scandal one of the “Ten Worst P.R. Blunders of 2005.”

“What’s next, Paul, a game in which players can practice flying commercial jetliners into the World Trade Towers? Oh, I forgot. Microsoft already did that. Thank Time’s “Man of the Year,” Bill Gates, whose Halo trained Lee Boyd Malvo to be the Beltway Sniper as well.”

This is yet another attempt by Thompson to strech his fifteen minutes through what can only be explained as public lunacy.

On the other hand, companies that produce mature rated games should thank Thompson for all of the free publicity. Whenever I hear the his name I am reminded of Tipper Gore’s crusade against explicit lyrics in music in the mid 80’s. She single-handedly increased awareness about explicit albums and made them more popular than any advertising campaign ever could. I can say that I certainly became more interested in hardcore acts after the infamous PMRC senate hearings.

Make no mistake, the circus that Thompson is putting on will do nothing more than wet the appitite of underage consumers anxious to get their hands on products that adults don’t want them to have.

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