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Lawyer Disbarred for Addiction to Video Games

Video games are a way to escape from the real world, and it’s easy to take it too far. The line to addiction is fine and only takes a step to cross. Lawyer, make that ex-lawyer, Mathew Eshelman of Pennsylvania leaped over that line. He used video games as a method to escape stress from his job and problems at home, but it became an obsession. He was fired from a firm in 2007 over his addiction and the problem followed him when he tried to set up his own practice.

In the end he was found to have mishandled 17 cases, including bankruptcy, divorce, and debt collection cases because of gaming. He lied in a divorce filing, ignored calls from clients and lost track of client money. As a result he’s been banned from practicing for three years. In fact, the disciplinary board backed down from a 5-year ban because “Eshelman had once been a competent lawyer”.

It seems absurd that a 43-year old man would throw away a promising career over video games, but I’ll bet most of you have blown off homework or sleep on a weeknight to play, or maybe even taken a sick day or two.

( via G4)


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