LEGO Is Going Minecraft For Real

If you like moving blocks around digitally in Minecraft, you might enjoy doing it physically with Lego bricks. The idea for Minecraft Legos was pitched through CUUSOO, a fan platform where users can submit ideas to Lego. It just takes 10,000 votes on any given idea to get a review from the brick manufacturer. The pitch from Mojang (pictured above) got the required number of votes in less than 48 hours. No other project has reached that point faster.

But don’t get too excited just yet. The idea has moved from review to concept, and LEGO needs time to come up with product designs to determine whether the idea is feasible. While that’s a big deal, it doesn’t mean guaranteed success. From the CUUSOO blog:

“We’re happy to announce that the Minecraft project on LEGO CUUSOO has passed the LEGO review and we are now developing a concept that celebrates the best aspects of building with the LEGO system and in Minecraft. We can’t wait to show it to you—but it isn’t ready just yet. These things take time, so we appreciate your patience. More details are to come.”

(via Mashable)


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