Local News Reports “The Cake Is a Lie” Scrawled On A Chalkboard As Evidence Of Paranormal Activity [Video]


I don’t know if this is funny or sad, but it’s a real news report on a local station in Tulsa, Oklahoma about Jim Pace and his fellow ghosthunters. The report focuses on one haunted house where “ghosts” have scrawled “The Cake Is a Lie” on a basement chalkboard. The commentary includes this gem:

Other paranormal signs, Jim says: a message on a chalkboard, which was once part of that basement jewelry business. Someone or something, he says, wrote this message. “The cake is a lie.” Which historically, Jim Says, means the promised reward never happened. Meaning somebody down here, isn’t very happy.

It could mean that, it really could, but it could also mean some gamers are sneaking into your building when you’re not there and messing with you. Seriously, everyone involved with this has to be soooo embarrassed right now.

See the video after the break (Portal reference at 2:35)…

(via Geekologie)


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