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Magic: The Gathering Card Turned Into A Wedding Proposal


Lindsey Loree decided to get creative when she proposed to her boyfriend. She challenged him to a game of Magic and then slipped a very special card into the deck. According to Lindsey:

Eric played Time Spiral, a card that forced me to shuffle my hand back into my library. Well, I cheated and placed the proposal card on my lap. No way was I going to risk not drawing it again. Fortunately, at this point I was able to play Mirari’s Wake, which doubled my mana, allowing me to play my expensive Sorcery. I laughed and said, “I think I just won the game” and threw the card down. Eric was perplexed for a moment, because he is a long time MtG player and knew all, and I mean ALL, the cards. It took him a moment to read the text, and another moment for realization to dawn upon him.

Eric said yes and Lindsey placed a Ring Pop on his finger to make it official. Nothing seals the deal like a Ring Pop.

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(Geekologie via Boing Boing)


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