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Make Your Minecraft Creations Come To Life With a 3D Printing Service

Creating elaborate worlds, cities, and buildings is what Minecraft is all about. It’s all a lot of pixels, but what if you could have a 3D printed copy of your design? Figure Prints makes that possible.

It works like this: you install a free exporter, you upload part of your Minecraft world, place your order, and Figure Prints uses a 3D printer to spit out a replica of your once electronic creation. Tada! The location you built brick by brick in virtual space can now sit on your coffee table. It’s crazy and very cool.

The enterprise isn’t as straightforward as it sounds though; 3D printing technology has come a long way, but it’s not perfect. Founder Ed Fries told Wired that there are still insurmountable obstacles. To ensure customers don’t fork over money for projects that won’t work, the Figure Prints team reviews each model before accepting the order. If they don’t think they are capable of printing a solid replica, they reject it and give feedback to the customer on how it can be altered.

Each model varies wildly in price and can take less than one month to several months to print. This is not a service for the impatient, but if you have a Minecraft creation you’re insanely proud of, it’s worth checking out.

If World of Warcraft is more your style, you should know Figure Prints can also make custom 3D statues of your character.

Check out more possible printed designs below.

(Figure Prints via Wired)


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