Mario And Luigi Make Terrific Transformers [Video]

mario transformers 1

Did you know that plumbers make great Transformers? Artist Derrick J. Wyatt saw Mario and Luigi’s bot potential when he drew them as Transformers in some April Fools’ Day art back in 2009. He teased that they could appear in the animated series, but obviously that wasn’t going to happen. Still, the builders over at MECH iDEAS ran with the concept and created Mario and Luigi as G1 Transformers.

They’re calling them Bluster and Trench, and they have the handy mechs available for pre-order until June 1st. This whole situation kind of makes you love the internet a little bit more, doesn’t it?

See more photos and a video featuring the transforming action after the break.

mario transformers 2

mario transformers 3

Product Page ($50 via Kotaku)


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