Target Is Getting A Dangerous Mario Kart Makeover

Target is in the midst of giving more than 650 stores across the country a Mario Kart-themed makeover to promote the launch of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on April 28th for the Nintendo Switch. This includes Mario-themed bollards outside the store (much like they did with their Pokemon Go promotion), the anxiety-inducing countdown timer sound when you cross the entrance start line (video demo below), and Mario Kart-style shopping carts—which I’m sure won’t be abused in any way.

Target notes:

“Walking through Target doors always brings a little rush, but this time you’re crossing a starting line! As you walk through, motion sensors fire up flashing lights and play Mario’s catchy theme song.”

I’m going to rush to the produce section and start dropping banana peels everywhere. And let’s not forget the Mario and Luigi head bollards:

(via Polygon)


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