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Matrix: Path of Neo Review

Path of Neo

Well ladies and gentlmen I have tried out the new game in the matrix series and am here to say the game is mediocre at best. A definite rent – but I suggest not buying it.

Pros: The fighting in the game makes you feel like you had swallowed the red pill yourself. The combos are awe inspiring and very impressive, especially when wielding a weapon. The story line basically follows the movies with slight deviations – which are for the best.

Cons: As with most games of this category, one of the many problems encountered are clumsy camera angles. This game did not deviate, with many of the most awkward camera angles I have ever seen.

The graphics were also extremely weak – which became all the more evident during the innumerable close-ups on poorly rendered characters. In addition – the gun play was awkward and the bugs in were probably the most disturbing I have ever seen on a console version game. While we have come to expect an ocassional bug here and there, The Path of Neo was riddled with them, especially in the audio department.

There is also the issue of your gun locking onto a dead target and not moving off him – a problem that will drive you nuts, especially in heated battles.

Finally, there are the AI problems. Let’s just say that I don’t like it when my teammates jump off buildings and fail the mission for me.

I hate to trash games but this one had as many bugs if not more than Battlefield 2. The length of the game will keep you busy for many hours, and fighting hand to hand (or my favorite with the sword) was a very fun and thrilling experience. (You will be stoked when you see some of the combos that Neo pulls off. ) For me, the fighting was the only good aspect of this game. I cannot forgive the bugs this game was released with, a scary trend happening with many of the titles coming out recently.

Posted by Paul


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