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Solid Snake’s Original Voice Actor Reprises His Role For A Car Commercial [Video]

mgs ford

In an all-new set of commercials that are part of their Overdubs series, Ford has brought back Metal Gear actor David Hayter as Solid Snake (after a surprising breakup with Konami several years ago), as well as Paul Eiding as Col. Roy Campbell for a pair of ads that is both amusing and kind of depressing in equal measure.

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Check them out below.

The first video, titled “A Codec Call to Remember,” features Solid Snake and Campbell discussing the Ford Focus’  “Practical Vehicular Action” and doesn’t shy away from hilarious references to the iconic game series. The second one puts Psycho Mantis in the role of car salesman as he attempts to sell Snake on the 2017 Ford Fusion Titanium by using his particular set of skills.

(via Polygon)


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