Miniature Painter Creates A Stunning Bust To Mark The End Of ‘Warhammer’

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When Games Workshop decided to literally blow up their Warhammer Fantasy Battle game world so they could soft-reboot it as Warhammer Age of Sigmar, some people didn’t take the news very well. Fortunately there are people in this world who can channel their disappointment and anger creatively—people like miniature builder and painter Nakatan. He responded to the news by painting this incredibly detailed Elven bust.

Check out the full-size piece below.


Using Origen Arts’ one-tenth scale Queen Boudicca model as his base, he carried out significant modifications and began work on his meticulously detailed paint job. The whole thing is painted solely using brush work, using paints straight from the pot – Nakatan isn’t a fan of mixing paints.

Oh, I may have forgotten to mention: The bust is tiny. Here’s a picture of the resculpting process for reference:


See? Tiny. Here’s some more photos of the finished article:




(Beasts Of War via Make)


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