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Being Blind Hasn’t Stopped This Competitive ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Player

mtg braille

Today in, “Well this is awesome!”, we have a young Magic:The Gathering player by the name of Richard who plays competitively despite being blind.

If you’ve played MTG, you know that you don’t want your opponent to know what cards you have until you play them. Obviously, having the cards read to him during the game would give his opponents an advantage so he gets around the problem by using a brailler.

To prepare for a tournament, Richard has a friend go through his cards with him to sort out which cards he does and doesn’t want to use for the game. Any time he adds cards to his deck, he types the card information onto a card sleeve in Braille and then places the card inside. This way, he doesn’t ruin his cards and he still has a deck that can be used for tournament play.

There’s more to this story, as told by MTG judge Imogen, who was kind enough to post comments with the pictures. It provides interesting insight into how MTG players with impaired vision are able to play within the rules and avoid potential problems.

You can check that out after the break.

Including a blind player at Pre-Releases!

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