New LEGO CUUSOO Project Based On FTL Might Actually Happen

ftl 2

If you’re a LEGO nut and a fan of indie game FTL: Faster Than Light, this project over on CUUSOO has just recieved the requisite 10,000 supporters to make it eligible for consideration by LEGO during their next quarterly review beginning in September.

Hi the jump for the breakdown of the ships that have been created and proposed for review.

ftl all

Upper row: Gila Monster, Basilisk, Bulwark, Shivan, Ted Tail.
Middle row: Adjudicator, Noether, Stormwalker, Man’O’War, Nisos.
Lower row: Nesasio, DAA-SR 12, Vortex, Torus, Osprey.

ftl crew

(FTL Cuusoo via Kotaku)


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