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The First 13 Years of Nintendo Power Can Now Be Read Online For Free


Update: Nintendo’s lawyers have had it taken down. That only took five days. Oh well.

A long time ago, if people wanted to get news, reviews, editorials and coverage about the stuff they liked, they’d have to buy “magazines” that were printed and bound on a thin material made from dead trees called “paper.” Usually there’d be 12 or 13 issues of these magazines released a year. I know! It seems so primitive compared to our Scent-U-News™ Media Spray, which you deposit up the right nostril for a fast, hard and immediate hit of up-to-the-minute wossnamery about your favorite bleep-bloop machine. Also there’s the internet, but let’s be serious. That’ll never catch on.

Nintendo Power was one such magazine, and one that is fondly remembered by longtime Nintendo fans. Now, thanks to, you can revisit the first decade-and-a-bit of the mighty publication completely free, from the first issue with that claymation Mario on the cover to promote Super Mario Bros. 2, right the way up to issue #145 which, coincidentally enough, covers the Game Boy Advance port of that very same game. What a delightful sort of poetic symmetry, possibly.

(via Engadget, update via Polygon)


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