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No WoW For XBox 360

World of Warcraft

Blizzard COO, Paul Sams recently told MCV that a 360 version of World of Warcraft is “most definitely not in the works.”

“We do not have any plans to take WoW to Xbox 360. WoW is built as a PC gaming experience. Porting PC games to console often compromises games, and we’d never allow the WoW gameplay experience to suffer”

“Also, it’s important to us that the entire player base is  able to play together. Microsoft’s Xbox Live architecture is very protected from all sorts of outside influence, so shared play between 360 and PC owners would be very tough. We wouldn’t even consider WoW for 360 unless we could overcome that hurdle.”

However, Sams did say that Blizzard might look at the consoles for their products in the future – although he felt that developers would have to overcome the difficulties that using a joystick would present to the MMORPG experience.

Which begs the question – why the hell don’t console developers add a keyboard controller option to their systems in the first place?


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