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No, You Can’t Drive This Real Life Halo Warthog

What do you do when you’re 343 Industries and responsible for making the fantastic-ness that is Halo 4? You treat yourselves (and fans) and commission a real life version of the Warthog (not to be confused with the previous Bungie version).

Aria Groups – a company that builds movie props, replicas, and concept cars – got the job. They started with a chassis for a Hummer H1 and made the body of the Warthog match the proportions of the in game version. It has 49 inch tires, it’s more than 8 feet wide and over 17 feet long. Yeah, you can’t drive it just anywhere.

It wasn’t a cheap endeavor, but 343 Industries wanted to create something tangible fans could enjoy. Frank O’Connor, the franchise development direct, told the LA Times:

O’Connor says his team had to persuade the marketing department to approve the idea and the budget. Pat Devereux, the chief executive of Antenna, the L.A.-based marketing company that 343 Industries hired to make the Warthog a reality, says that budget ran “hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

The team at Aria took six months to create the Warthog body based off the tons of data 343 shared with them. They took care to catch all the details like fake rivets on the body panels and gauges on the interior to match the game. People appeared on the street as soon as the Warthog was parked, so it’s sure to be a hit when it travels to various conventions this year – including San Diego Comic-Con.

Hit the break for more photos of this behemoth of a ride.

(LA Times via Kotaku)


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